Having a baby over 40…

If this is something you’re thinking about and you’re 40+, I firstly want to say:

Don’t assume that you’re too old because biological and chronological are not the same!

There are lots of women who are over 35 (the fertile cliff edge as it’s described by scientists and medics) who conceive naturally or with help and go on to have healthy babies.

This was my own experience. My son was conceived very quickly and I had him just 2 months shy of my 40th birthday.

I also want to tell you that if you’ve been TTC for a while and it’s not happening, you’re not broken.

The medical model likes to rush in with interventions, drugs, surgery and other reproductive techniques.

And I’m not saying you shouldn’t have or won’t possibly need some medical help.
But the best way to approach fertility support is in the context of your whole health.
Because I can tell you now that no fertility clinic will guide or advise you in any depth (if at all) about

  • 👉  What’s happening to your hormones
  • 👉  Foods you should eat and what you should avoid
  • 👉  How to fully nourish yourself so your reproductive organs are working at optimum levels
  • 👉  How you can recognise signs that you’re fertile
  • 👉  How to reduce toxins and their harmful effects on both partners
  • 👉  How to manage your mindset and all the fear that tends to come up on this journey.

It’s a bit like supplying a chef with the ingredients to bake your most special, longed for the recipe.

You can either be fully prepared, have sourced the best quality organic ingredients that you might have had to wait a while for…

Or you can do the equivalent of dashing to the corner shop at the last minute and grabbing whatever’s there which might be poor quality, synthetic and not that healthy.

You’re either giving the (IVF) chef the best chance of making a mouth-watering, perfect dish or you’re asking him to do his best with less than ideal ingredients. You can imagine how that might turn out…

I’ve got two programmes I offer that guide you step by step through this holistic approach to your fertility.

Balance Your Cycle, Boost Your Fertility‘ is 6 months and for the woman/couple who are ready to go all in and leave no stone unturned preparing for parenthood.

‘Healthy Hormones, Happy You!’ is 3 months and for the woman who may have had a loss or a failed round of IVF and who needs help to replenish the body and get back on track ready to try again.

This one is also for you if your hormones are all over the place and making your life a misery and you don’t have to be TTC to do it. It’s brilliant and revitalising for anyone who needs to get back some healthy va va voom!

The main difference between them is the amount of 1:1 coaching support sessions you have and the investment, but much of the content, diagnostic tests and supplements is the same.

If you’d like to have a chat about either of them in more detail please fill out my application form here so we can get you booked in for a no pressure call.

Sally Varley

Sally Varley

Hi, I'm Sally, a fertility expert. To read more about me click here.

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